Orphan Black blends the cryptic with the thematic. Every episode of its first season was named for a quote from Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species, while the second used quotes from Sir Francis Bacon, who developed the scientific method. There’s a strange beauty to decontextulised phrases such as Variations Under Domestication but the season one finale Endless Forms Most Beautiful has a deep poetic beauty all of its own.
The art of the episode title x (via 324b21-clone)
We’ve had an endgame in mind, and now going into three seasons that endgame, it’s modified but it hasn’t changed so we’ve been able to push it down the road a little further each season and still manage to put a good shape to a season and save the big reveal for the culmination of the show….I think we know what the show’s final three episodes are.
Graeme Manson and John Fawcett talk Orphan Black endgame (x)